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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services Greensboro, NC

Modern-day Americans spend most of their time indoors and most of that indoor time in the comfort of their own homes. That means the quality of the air in your home has big impact on your overall health and quality of life. At Triad Sheet Metal, we supplement our heating and cooling services with a full range of indoor air quality products. We have what you need to help your family breathe easier and live better.

Why Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

In recent years, the Environmental Protection Agency has found the that pollutants inside modern-day homes and buildings can be must worse than the air outside. The reason? Homes and buildings today are tightly sealed to prevent heat loss and air leaks. While this improves efficiency, it also locks pollutants inside where they recirculate over and over again.

So, what pollutants are recirculating in your home or business?

  • Fumes from aerosol spray cans (hair spray, cooking spray, cleaning products, etc.)
  • Dust and dander
  • Smoke from cooking or tobacco products

In addition to the common sources of indoor pollutants listed above, other more harmful contaminants may be present in your air ducts. If you have an opening in your ductwork, water could leak in resulting in mold growth or bugs and rodents could be present resulting in a multitude of bacteria. Construction and renovation projects also produce a lot of byproducts that can get trapped in your ductwork. If you want to know the status of your indoor air quality, it is best to have it tested by a professional.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Once you know where you stand, one of our experts at Triad can help you find exactly what you need to clean the air in your home or business. We have a broad range of great systems available to keep air clean and breathable. Our most popular products include:

  • Humidifiers: No matter how comfortable the temperature, dry air is never especially good to breathe. In addition to easing allergy symptoms and making it easier to breathe, humidifiers can help to preserve wooden furniture.
  • Ultraviolet Lamps: One of the simplest ways to deal with contaminants in the air is to zap them away. UV lamps do just that.
  • Ventilators: Air conditioning helps keep you cool throughout the summer, but it also means you can’t open doors and windows to let in fresh air. Ventilators are designed to work with your air conditioner to pump in fresh outdoor air without sacrificing energy efficiency.
  • Air Cleaners and Purifiers: Maximizing indoor air quality is all about removing particles from the air. These dedicated systems filter out harmful contaminants and return clean air to the home.

Whatever your needs are, our team at Triad Sheet Metal is here to help. Call us today so you can breathe easier tomorrow.

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