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Call Us Today!
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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

A/C Unit
There’s no greater comfort in modern life than being able to walk into your home on a hot July day and instantly be refreshed. At Triad Sheet Metal, we know you depend on air conditioning to stay cool all summer long, and we strive to keep your air conditioner running as well as possible. From start to finish, our air conditioning services are first-rate.
Air Conditioning Installation
No two homes are alike, and no two homes have the same cooling needs. When it comes to your family’s comfort, we take the entire installation process seriously, and that means starting every project with a full load calculation. Our air conditioning experts will take square footage, insulation, load-generating appliances and other factors into account to assess your home’s cooling load, then work with you to pick out a great system that will match that cooling load.
With a properly sized system in hand, our AC installation team will work tirelessly to get it up and running in your home. Our top priority is your long-term comfort, so we take care to maximize future efficiency and minimize future issues throughout the process. As far as we’re concerned, the manufacturer’s specifications are a minimum standard, and every system we install should meet or exceed that standard.
Whether you need an entire system for a new home or a replacement for an aging air conditioner, you’ll be in good hands with our AC installation professionals.
Air Conditioning Service
A well-maintained unit is an efficient one. At Triad Sheet Metal, we know that air conditioners require a little routine maintenance to keep running smoothly throughout the cooling season, and we make getting that service easy with affordable maintenance agreements. During each service visit, we’ll assess and repair any minor issues and make calibration adjustments to maximize energy efficiency. Thus, good maintenance saves you money two ways: It cuts your energy bills now, and it reduces the risk of expensive future repairs.
Air Conditioning Repair
Even a well-maintained air conditioner may run into issues over time, and those issues can be dangerous as well as inconvenient. If your air conditioner shuts down in the middle of July, don’t panic! Our air conditioning repair team is just a phone call away from stepping in, fixing the problem and helping your family stay cool.
At Triad Sheet Metal, we believe in making the repair process as easy as possible. We offer flexible times for service visits to accommodate your busy schedule and always keep the lines of communication open throughout the repair. Since our customers are our top priority, we’ll always fairly present both repair and replacement options and work with you to find the best course of action for your family. Above all, we believe in getting the job done the right way so there’s no need for a return visit. If you need air conditioning repair services or are in the market for a new AC unit, call us at Triad today!
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We are proud to offer service to all of Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas, including:

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